Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

HSI Financial Services, LLC exists to bring excellent value to our members and clients by providing synergistic services, information exchanges and collaborative initiatives that help our healthcare organizations meet the growing challenges of service to their communities.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent provider of revenue optimization and cash recovery services in the healthcare industry by providing valuable solutions, excellent customer service, and maximum performance results.

Our Values

The principles guiding service by our staff to our clients are:

Pursuing Excellence - We will set the competitive standard for the businesses and services we provide.

Demonstrate Value - We will provide evidence of our value that demonstrates we are indispensable and integral to our members’ success.

Customer-Focused - We will be responsive to our customers, listening, planning, and acting to meet their needs.

Integrity - We will build each relationship on honesty and trust, delivering on our promises and treating one another with fairness and dignity.

Visionary - Bolstered by the collective wisdom of our members, we will be creative, aggressive, and on the cutting-edge of change.

What our clients are saying
Floyd Medical Center has maintained a long and healthy relationship with HSI Financial Services. HSI is constantly striving to get the most out of their technology and people in order to provide superior collections while maintaining customer satisfaction of their client and their clients’ customers. HSI provides strong reporting and analytics that we review monthly and meet quarterly in person to review and set targets. HSI is very responsive to requests for special handling or informational requests when they arise.
Rick Childs
Vice President Revenue Cycle Management
Floyd Medical Center